The success of Windows live mail to PST tool is a predictor of its capabilities!

If you looking for Windows Live Mail to PST conversion tool, then this tool is for you. Read it know more about it.

Windows Live Mail to PST conversion Tool

If an email converter tool happens to be extremely popular amongst the users, it definitely has something special in it. Take USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro for instance. This tool has been topping the charts for a long while. This is even more evident in the happy testimonials left behind by satiated users. What this immense success indicates is nothing but this tool’s exceptional abilities to get the task done in a perfect manner.

Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion Tool

Mail Extractor Pro is a Windows live mail to PST conversion tool that also provides sturdy solutions for EML & MBOX files, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Apple Mail to PST conversion. It has dedicated logic and algorithms that enable it to build flawless mirror images of the data files. The final files are fully functional with all their features intact.

Windows Live Mail to PST

One of the prime USP’s of this tool is its easy usability even by the beginners at the task. The tool has a very basic interface that allows smooth understanding. Further, the simplified Windows live mail to PST conversion process gets completed with just a few clicks. For any sort of assistance, the users can always approach 24*7 customer care helpline services.

Why not try it out right away?

The creators of this tool are fully confident of its abilities and have thereby rolled out a FREE demo trial version which gives the users an opportunity to test out its features to the fullest. This version limits the file conversion number to 10 items per folder. Go right ahead and get your copy to verify the claims made for it!

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Features that make Mail Extractor Pro the prime route to Windows live mail to PST conversion!

Mail Extractor Pro is a true reflection of advanced technology. It comes with brilliant features that are meant to serve every single purpose associated with the email conversion task. Of course, a lot of thought has been put into manifesting every trait in the most comprehensible way possible. Here are a few features that the users enjoy throughout their Windows live mail to PST conversion task:

  • Bulk conversions: The users can convert multiple data files in one single attempt. Thus, it helps the users in saving time and energy.
  • Auto load feature: The users can also utilize the auto load feature for certain formats. This means that the tool automatically extracts the data files from the default directories.
  • Lightning fast: The tool works at supersonic speed while maintaining full accuracy.
  • Converts everything: The tool precisely recreates every bit of information contained on the email files. This includes items such as contacts, nested messages, graphic images, Unicode content, etc.
  • Splits large PST files: The users can control the size of the final PST files which helps in assuring that they don’t end up with oversized files.

The tool is truly a marvellous piece of technology which makes every spent penny worthwhile. Once satisfied with the FREE demo version, the users can very easily shift to any one of the four nominally priced fully paid license keys.

Windows Live Mail to PST conversion

Get your copy today, if you are looking for Windows Live Mail or EML to PST conversion tool.