Thunderbird to PST Converter to import data into Outlook

Searching for a reliable Thunderbird to PST Converter? Go for this Ultimate Converter Tool from USL Software: Mail Extractor Pro

Thunderbird to PST Conversion

Thunderbird to PST converter helps you to import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook for Mac & Windows.

Email conversion is one task that everyone wants to strike off there to do list as soon as possible. But the actual process is not so easy as it sounds.

The actual process involves a lot of complications and layers of conversion are involved. Professional help of a third-party converter tool becomes a must.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

But finding the right converter tool in this case, Thunderbird to PST Converter, is a tough task.

Here is the ultimate converter tool that makes your conversion life easier

Mail Extractor Pro is an all-round converter tool that offers you everything that you have been looking for in a Thunderbird to PST Converter.

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From versatility to conversion power, the tool offers it all. It has the whole package that overcomes the difficulties faced by previous Thunderbird Database to PST Converters and is equipped to tackle any new problem that may occur.

Convert not only Thunderbird but a lot more

Versatility is one of the prime features that the tool offers. It gives you the ability to convert multiple formats with the help of a single converter tool.

It converts Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail and MBOX file to PST. The tool converts them all irrespective of the format. Don’t get confused. Yes, it is a Thunderbird to PST Converter, but it also converts all the mentioned formats for your comfort.

This gives you the control over your Thunderbird to PST Conversion like you never had before. You can easily select what you are converting. No more struggling to find a new converter every time you want to convert a format that your Thunderbird to PST Converter failed to convert.

This also gives you peace of mind as you are already familiar with the Thunderbird to PST Converter to which you are going to handle your precious data with.

Thunderbird to pst converter

What if nothing got left behind during conversion? Mail Extractor Pro does it for you.

The most common problem that is faced with the previous Thunderbird Data to PST Converters was the problem of leaving data behind. Most Thunderbird Mail Database to PST Converters used to leave something or other behind while loading the email database.

Mail Extractor Pro solves that problem for you. The tool leaves nothing behind while loading the email database. It converts everything present in your input data file.

The output file produced by the tool is an exact copy of the input file. It is so because this Thunderbird to PST Converter retains the folder hierarchy from the input file. This makes your post conversion operations like debugging and navigation easier.

The interface that makes the process pleasant

Usually Thunderbird to Outlook Converter have a heavily filled up interface showing all the features that the tool provides. It is a bit scary if you are a beginner or using the tool for the first time.

Mail Extractor Pro comes with one of the most simple and intelligent interface for a Thunderbird file to PST Converter. It only offers you what you need to carry out a safe and secure Thunderbird to PST Conversion process without any problems.

To make things easier it offers you informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step that guide you through the Thunderbird to PST Conversion process and make it easy and pleasant.

How to convert Thunderbird to PST

  1. Open ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.
  2. Click on “Load” next to “Thunderbird/Postbox“.
  3. Load Data
    • Auto Load – To auto detect Thunderbird Mail database.
    • Open – To browse Thunderbird ‘Profile” folder from backup.
  4. Check Optional Settings.
  5. Click on “Convert“.
how to convert thunderbird to pst

Get the Thunderbird to PST Converter trial, test it out

Try the tool out for free. Download the trial version present on the website today and get started.

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