PST to MBOX free Mac Tool That Unifies Sophistication With Simplicity


PST to MBOX free Mac Tool

It is not often you get a software tool that works well in all sorts of large and small undertaking respectively by a corporation or by an individual. It is more unusual to find that in email migration industry for converting data files.

PST to MBOX file conversion has struggled with a lack of any decent solution that is either daunting to use or too limited. Either the lack of crucial options turn them into rigid and impractical tools, or a cluttered UI with redundant features turn them into complicated and tough to use tools.

In that context, “PST Extractor Pro” was built, with the sole purpose of making it a simple to use solution while also offering the necessary functionality to convert data correctly.

PST to MBOX free Mac Tool

Right from the first screen, any user without any grasp on email migration can understand its interface and interact with it effortlessly. It is quite simple: you load the files, check the folders that you want to convert, check the additional options available, and hit ‘Convert.’

Quick Look of PST to MBOX Mac tool

Here are those options that you get with “PST Extractor Pro” not available with other PST to MBOX free Mac conversion tools:

  1. saving emails to different folders based on their read and unread status. Most other converters don’t even keep the unread status preserved.
  2. Merging all contacts from a folder to a single VCF file instead of converting each contact into a separate file, resulting in a huge amount of VCF files that are hard to manage and create unnecessary burden.
  3. In a similar way, it merges all calendar entries from a folder to a single ICS file.
  4. splitting large MBOX files to smaller files. Set the limit for the MBOX file and the tool will automatically create additional files if that limit is reached during conversion. This enables you to have multiple but files with reasonable size. Massive MBOX files are obviously difficult for anything that you want to do with them – like upload and sync to the servers, or import them in Apple Mail.

These are all the options that help you customize the results according to your needs. You will not find them in other tools of this similar nature. And all of these settings are easily implemented at the right time and make intuitive sense to a beginner.

Similarly, all other things that you can do (such as loading the PST files and selecting output format, checking folders, etc.) are all intuitive in nature and you don’t need to be aware of technical background for the email migration tasks.

PST to MBOX free

Get PST to MBOX free Mac Tool

Download and

You can download its free trial edition right now and check it out.

The trial version converts ten items per folder without any restrictions to its actual features.

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Download the PST to MBOX free Mac Tool to convert your emails without or at zero hassle.

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