PST to MBOX Converter Free Online or Paid Desktop Tools with Full Set of Features? This Article Will Help You Decide!

PST to MBOX Converter Free Online

PST to MBOX Converter Free Online

PST to MBOX is a heavy data-processing job. We have come a long way since simple text-based emails. Now we have a rather complex set of information elements inside our emails like, like cloud-link based files, local file attachments, HTML text formatting, graphical elements embedded within the bodies, metadata, headers, and other details.

These elaborate peculiarities of our modern-day email databases make it too difficult to convert the files relating to the emails. Such as – converting PST to MBOX.

PST is a personal storage table file used to store contents in Windows Outlook. MBOX, on the other hand, is a generic file format used with many email clients and formats. Therefore, in addition to the composite data, we also have two very dissimilar email files that work natively in two separate operating systems.

So, it’s pretty well-established that the data-processing of PST to MBOX is nothing like a simple file conversion task. It requires detailed and evolved set of programming logic that can process everything with accuracy.

And a PST to BOX converter free online tools clearly are not the way to go. These online tools work on the basis of web-browser scripting and requires high internet bandwidth and usage. Besides the pain of uploading all the massive PST files you have, they also don’t offer the accuracy a user needs. And if you don’t want to upload and convert in real-time, it will end up with even worse data integrity errors.

Therefore, it’s a no brainer that you should download a fully professional utility that’s not a web-browser solution but a desktop compatible one. And rather than a Windows tool, it’s always best to convert PST to MBOX in Mac directly.

PST to MBOX Converter Tool

Thankfully, there’s one solution that is affordable, quick, easy to use, and fully accurate with its data-processing logic. Built by USL Software, it is called “PST Extractor Pro” and has all essential features anyone needs for safe migration.

PST to MBOX Converter Free Online

Take a look at the list of items below. These are really sophisticated data items that will never be converted correctly by PST to MBOX converter free online tools. Only “PST Extractor Pro,” that is a desktop based utility can convert them without losing the fidelity:

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Email items like To, from, Cc, Bcc, and subject line
  • Headers and Metadata
  • Email attachments and cloud-link based files
  • Graphical embedded objects like photos, logos, charts, etc.
  • Nested Emails
  • Non-English text characters including double-byte characters
  • HTML formatting of the bodies of your emails
  • All the email addresses
  • Contacts and calendar entries are also converted to VCF and ICS files respectively

Without “PST Extractor Pro,” you would frequently miss all these pieces of information or an online free tool will only convert them partially.

PST to MBOX Converter Free Online

You can find out more about the tool by using its free trial mode. Download it below!

Get it here:

pst to mbox converter

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If you are looking for PST to MBOX Converter free online tool, then try ‘PST Extractor Pro‘.

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