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transfer OST to PST

Raising the bar for your OST to PST file transfer needs is now possible with OST Extractor Pro!

The OST to PST file transfer application

OST to PST file transfer can be termed as complete if and only if each and every component gets transferred to the PST format. While most of the tools fall back on this front, OST Extractor Pro promises to fulfill this fundamental requirement of the users who take up OST to PST file transfer with the motive of carrying their entire database to the new format. This application can be used to create exact replicas of the original files without any modifications. This means that the integrity of the data remains unhurt before, during, and after the OST to PST file transfer process of this tool.

OST to PST file transfer

Accurate content conversion

When we look at the emails, all we see is text and attachments. At least, this is what remains visible to the naked eye of an average user. However, if we look a little deeply into these files, features such as graphical details, to and from data, timestamps, signature stamps, nested messages, MIME headers, and much more would become perceptible to us. The transformation of each one of these elements is of true essence to ensure creation of accurate PST files in an OST to PST conversion job. This task can now be achieved easily with the use of OST Extractor Pro – an OST to PST converter tool.

The importance of a simple interface of an OST to PST file transfer application!

Technical jobs such as the conversion of OST to PST involve a lot of steps that cannot be understood by the users unless these are broken down into simpler language/process. A tool that has managed to achieve this is none other than OST Extractor Pro.

transfer OST to PST file

User friendly interface

The tool is not only efficient but also perfectly user-friendly in all the aspects of the OST to PST file transfer job. The provision of an intuitive interface goes a long way in ensuring the successful completion of the job by any user who makes use of this tool. Moreover, this tool pampers its users a little further by providing 24*7 customer services to one and all.

Advance features

The layout of the process to complete OST to PST file transfer is merely a series of simple choices to be made by the users as per their preferences. To illustrate, the first step after the upload of the content onto the tool is to check or uncheck the boxes against the files and folders in order to finalize the content. There is certainly no complexity involved there.

Fast & smooth conversion

The overall job is designed around similar simple choices and thereby the task takes about only a few minutes to be completed with the user barely ever seeking the help of the service agents. Nevertheless, those seeking any help find themselves pleasantly welcomed by amicable and prompt responses from the team.

See how it works:

OST Extractor Pro is undoubtedly a completed package for accomplishing OST to PST file transfers with accuracy!