One of the Only Few OST to MBOX Converter for Mac for Complete Migration of All Your Data!

ost to mbox converter for mac

OST to MBOX Converter for Mac

OST and MBOX converters for usually for Windows. Since OST is primarily a file for Windows Outlook, most converters are developed to run on a Windows platform. Even though the output file is most commonly used with either Thunderbird or Mail in Mac OS, there are only few Mac compatible tools out there.

And sadly, most Mac tools run with poor performance. They crash frequently (especially if you convert many files together), they have slow data conversion rate, and comes with plenty of other complications.

Today, we are bringing a good news to you.

If you are here looking for a smart utility to convert OST to MBOX in Mac, you are going to get it.

OST to MBOX Converter Tool for Mac

USL Software is known for offering correctly built tools without any limitations or drawbacks. Now, they have come forward with the tool called “OST Extractor Pro.” And much to the relief of Mac users, it runs smoothly in Mac OS X without glitches, crashes, or freezing.

ost to mbox converter for mac

While allowing for Mac support, USL Software also managed to keep all the features correctly implement for best experience. Where a Windows based OST to MBOX converter would fail to convert certain complex details relating to your files, “OST Extractor Pro” has no such blind spots in its algorithms. The dedicated logic to particular information that is often considered tricky to convert, like images, attachments, headers, metadata, non-English text, and more, allows for exhaustive extraction of all these kinds of information/data and presents a clean output MBOX files to the users.

Converting OST to MBOX in Mac

Besides its impressive ability to clean conversion, it also comes across as best utility in all the following departments and functionalities:

  • Intuitive interface: Its GUI is minimalistic and natural to use even for a complete beginner and non-experienced user.
  • Batch conversion: The tool allows you to load multiple OST files to convert to MBOX in a single click. This is done through advanced processing logic that does not compromise with the stability of the process.
  • Full in-built support for converting non-English characters. Most importantly, it converts double-byte text characters used by languages like Chinese and Japanese.
  • The tool features an automatic conversion of contacts and calendar entries from OST files to VCF and ICS files respectively. So you don’t have to go through complex manual steps yourself to do this. It’s all built-in to the core conversion engine of the tool.

Download OST to MBOX Converter for Mac

OST Extractor Pro” is a commercial, professional tool, with a simple UI that can be used by a beginner as well. It is suited for both small and large scale projects. And there are difference licenses that you can choose from depending on how many machines you need to install the tool on. For instance, if you are getting it for your personal use, go with the ‘persona’ license. If you want to install it on several home computers, go with the ‘household.’ If you are an IT Professional looking to use “OST Extractor Pro” in many computers, you can choose the ‘commercial’ license. And so on.

There’s also a free trial version that you can check out below.

Get it here:

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If you are looking for OST to MBOX converter for Mac, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘.

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