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OST to PST Conversion, the process whose name, strikes fear in hearts of all Outlook users. The conversion of an OST file into a PST file is an absolute nightmare. But no worries, USL Software have developed the tool that’ll get rid of your nightmare forever.

Outlook Data file (OST & PST)

OST and PST are the data files used by Outlook for storing and updating of data in your Outlook account. Since Outlook is very precautions about the data being stored, it segregates the data into two halves.

The OST files store all the text related data and rest of the data comes in the half of PST files.  But OST files are not compatible for directly uploading the data to online outlook servers, but PST is.

Therefore, the OST files needs to be converted into PST for uploading all the data stored in the file. But since they both are differently structured, their conversion is not an easy task. The conversion process involves many complexities and it is advisable to use a professional tool to go on converting OST files into PST.

Without the use of a professional tool you may be stuck on the process for days and may end up having a corrupted or error filled output file. Use of a professional tool helps in speeding up the process and reducing the errors.

Best OST Extractor & Conversion

OST Extractor Pro is the professional tool to use. It is simply the best OST to PST converter out there. The tool is developed by the leaders in email solutions, USL Software.

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The tool offers you a hassle free experience that results in an error free output file. The tool runs on a very advanced conversion algorithm. The algorithm is a result of years of development and research.

The algorithm is so strong that it even converts corrupted or damaged OST files. The data is extracted down to the last byte thus eliminating any chance of missing data. The conversion accuracy of the tool is exceptional as no errors occur in the resultant output file.

ost extractor tool

 The integrity of data is also maintained during the conversion process. This makes the output file a mirror image of the input file. This helps in debugging and navigating through the file.

With a strong core the tool offers subtle interface. The front end of the tool makes it easier for you to use such a complicated tool.

It creates a comfortable environment for the user with a simple point and click interface.

The tool not only offers easy to use interface, but multiple platform options too. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac. This makes it a familiar option for both the platforms.

Get this OST Extractor Tool

best ost extractor tool

The tool also offers a free to download trial that offers all the premium features of the tool. This gives you a peek into what you are eventually going to buy.  It helps in familiarizing with the tool.With an active after sales support, free to download trial and a powerful core with a subtle interface the tool is a must try.