OLM to PST Conversion with OLM Extractor Max

Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

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OLM to PST Conversion SImplified With OLM Extractor Max

Migrate your emails, contacts, calendars etc from Mac Outlook 2011/2016 to Windows Outlook.


Outlook for windows is the top email client since it was launched. Various other email clients have tried to match the performance of Outlook windows but none of them were able to introduce something like the PST files. The PST files are an attribute of the Outlook program which makes it the top email client. Mac users also needed a tool like outlook for their environment as Outlook windows worked only with windows. Therefore Microsoft introduced Outlook 2011/2016 to provide better email management service to Mac users. But there was a major difference in the Outlook windows and Outlook mac versions. Outlook for windows uses its proprietary PST files while Mac Outlook uses the OLM files to store the email data and related components.

olm to pst conversionAs we know that Mac is a sophisticated operating system which requires higher technical knowledge. No wonder why it is preferred by advanced computer users and technology lovers. This is the reason why MS Outlook mac is not as easy as the Outlook windows version when it comes to operating it. Mac is not easy to work when compared to a Windows environment and it requires some technical skills to use the MS Outlook mac as efficiently as the Windows version.
This is the main reasons why users convert from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook. They convert OLM to PST and import the PST files into MS Outlook for Windows. This process needs to be done by a professional third party email migration tool which is accurate and reliable.

OLM to PST conversion cannot be done manually if you want fast and accurate results therefore you need to choose the best OLM to PST converter for your OLM files. Before talking about the perfect application for converting OLM to PST, we will discuss about what qualities the OLM to PST conversion program should possess.

Data conversion is a risky process and only the best program can handle all the OLM to PST transfer problems.

These are some basic things which your email conversion program should have.

User friendliness and interactivity: the first thing that we notice about a program is its response and how it interacts with the user. The program should be able to guide the user through the whole conversion process. It should give the user complete control over the software and don’t give an impression that this is something that he cannot do.

Speed and accuracy: this is the most important thing to look in conversion software as today, time is money and everyone likes to get their work done fast. The accuracy is important as well because the users deal in classified information and there is no room for mistakes during OLM to PST conversion.

Data safety and reliability: the OLM to PST converter should be able to offer guaranteed data safety. Email data is very important and a user cannot afford to lose precious data therefore this is a very important thing to look for. If the software comes from a reliable background, it is very likely that it will offer some data safety.

A free trial version: this feature is available in almost every program but this is the key to buying software as the trial version is your chance to completely test the software and decide if you want to buy it. You get to do a few trial email conversions so that you can test the speed, performance, accuracy and effectiveness of the product.

If you want to buy the best program which qualifies all the above criteria, you have to try OLM Extractor Max which was developed by USL Software. This is undoubtedly the perfect method to convert OLM files to PST files within a few minutes and no real effort. This program offers a whopping guarantee of 100% when it comes to data safety. This is a big claim but you can try this software by downloading the free demo version. You will be able to make 10 free OLM to PST conversions with this trial version which should be enough to satisfy your curiosity.

OLM Extractor Max would be your ultimate choice for your olm to pst conversion. Download free copy for your evaluation.

If you like the performance of this innovative product, you can buy the full version which is available in different packages according to the needs and budget of different users. Try OLM Extractor Max, if you want to make your OLM to PST conversion simpler, safer and faster.

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