Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird for Mac or Windows Version

Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration

Mac Mail to Thunderbird migration is often not straightforward, even though it appears to be simple on the surface. Since both clients are for Mac OS and can support MBOX file, there are still complications that can make the job harder for you.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Through the use of professional tools, you can make it happen in a fluid and precise manner, keeping the data integrity safe. A professional tool brings a lot more to the table that a manual solution cannot.

With manual solutions that many would recommend, you would face many obstacles that are hard to overcome. We will not into details of these manual methods but just know that if you are ready to tackle them, you should be ready to face countless issues as well.

Migrate from Mac Mail to Thunderbird Mac and Win

What we do want to go into details is about this tool called “Mail Extractor Max”. Your search for the best way to get emails and other items associated with them transferred to Thunderbird ends here. “Mail Extractor Max” gets the job done quickly but also offers multiple options to get the output that you specifically require. The tool is packed with features that are not easy to find with other generic methods.

Mac Mail to Thunderbird

For example, you can filter the contents of your Mac Mail directly from the tool’s UI instead of manually getting rid of them while exporting. You can automatically either select or deselect folders by ticking the boxes or un-ticking them. There’s even an option to ignore all empty folders in a single click.

Mail Extractor Max” is in fact a complete email migration solution for moving Mac Mail data to many email clients and formats, Thunderbird is just one of them. All you have to do is select the output that you want. For this case, you click on the drop-down menu and select Thunderbird. For other uses, you can select from Entourage, Outlook 2011 Mac, Postbox, MBOX, or EML file.

Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Email migration involving any programs and data is never going to be a straightforward task. You can’t simply start from point A and finish at point B. In the middle, there is always going to be complex challenges that you have to perform manually. However, this is exactly what “Mail Extractor Max” challenged and turned it around. Now it’s possible for even the non-experienced user to get it done in a proper way.

If you know how to send and receive mails, you can easily follow the interface of “Mail Extractor Max”.

Get it to migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Download a demo version of “Mail Extractor Max”, You can convert any database from Mac Mail and other sources and get 10 items converted per folder. The rest of the functionality remains open to access so you can see clearly how it works.

Migrate from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Contact support if you have any questions.

For migrating Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird or Window Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage (*.rge), Standard MBOX (*.mbox) and EML File (*.eml), get ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.