MBOX File to PST Converter – Intelligent Data Conversion with 4 Ease Steps!

There are many MBOX file to PST converter but none of them works as perfectly as “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software. It is an intelligent tool that features multilayered algorithms, easy interface, and sharp controls for best data migration results.

What are MBOX file & PST?

MBOX and PST are data files for storing emails. The former is more generic in nature and is used by many clients and software, but PST is only for Windows Outlook. Despite similar use and function, they are vastly different in data structures and tables, making it hard to convert their formats. You also can import the PST file to Mac Outlook.

The MBOX file to PST Converter

The only way to do it without losing the details is precise algorithms that adapt to the complex information email files can store. And only “Mail Extractor Pro” is the one that gets it just right.

mbox file to pst converter
Only tool that convert your email from Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX file to PST.

It also makes sure that the interface to convert the data is simple enough for anyone to navigate, and not just for advanced users. If you can do the basic task like sending an email, “Mail Extractor Pro” will be a painless from start to finish.The clever UI elements are placed to make intuitive sense to beginners. So you do not have to know the technical background info on the process.

How to Convert MBOX file to PST?

Here is how it works in a most simple case:

  1. Start by launching the tool
  2. From the top panel, click on “MBOX Files: Load” as your source/input
  3. Then browse and select the MBOX files you want to convert
  4. The tool scans them completely. It shows you all the folders inside them. You can convert all of them or by unchecking the boxes. You can exclude any folders you do not want to convert.
  5. Click ‘Convert’ to begin conversion.

Depending on the number of MBOX Files and their size, the tool will take a few minutes to process all the data into PST files. The tool is substantially quicker than most similar converters available today.

mbox file to pst
Just 3 step conversion

Accurate & Safe Conversion

If you are concerned about any incomplete or missing items, do not be. The tool has a powerful algorithms network at its core. It scans and extracts files on a multi-layered basis, leaving no chance for partial output. Everything – from images, attachments, headers, metadata, and folders – are converted properly.

Support Any Size of MBOX file

The large and multiple MBOX files are also converted to PST in one go. If you have a large database as well, convert all of them in a single attempt. You do not worry about any performance drops or compromise to the data fidelity. It works on large scale migration projects as precisely as with any other decent sized files.

Best MBOX to PST Converter Tool That Works On Mac.

Free trial of MBOX file to PST Converter

There’s a free mode as well that you can try now. It gives you chance to see how the features work and how simple the interface is. You can activate it later whenever you feel comfortable. And do not forget, there’s a 24 x 7 tech support. You can always rely on if there’s a question or you feel you need help during MBOX file to PST conversion.

Read More and Download at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/mbox-to-pst-converter-free/

Final Word

Mail Extractor Pro‘ not only converts MBOX file to PST, but also converts Apple Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST file format. You can import the PST file to both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

Get this for now hassle MBOX file to PST Conversion.

  • Accurate Conversion
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Super Easy
  • Convert multiple account at once
  • No Bug & No Error
  • Does not change your original database
  • Safe & secure conversion
  • Privacy Protected
  • All attachment will be preserved.
  • and much more.

If you are looking for mbox file to pst converter, then must try this application.