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Here is the best companion for your mail conversion from Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML to Outlook PST file format.

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To responsibly transfer data from Apple Mail to PST format does not need you to be an expert, just install Mail Extractor Pro by USL software for the best automated service. This software is designed for use by both regular users and for first time users without proving to be an inconvenience. Its intuitive interface is user-friendly and guides one through the conversion process. The steps of the mail conversion are quite simple, keep reading to know more.

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Mail Conversion now better than ever

To begin converting Apple Mail to PST you have to first download and install this software in your device. Then you have to select apple mail, all of its contents can be auto-selected. Then you are supposed to select those files that you want to convert, the empty ones will be ignored altogether. After the command of ‘convert’ you have to select the location where you want the converted files to be stored, you can also determine the size of the output PST files. Through the entire process nowhere is there risk of damage to data, neither does one have to carry any complicated steps.

Easy Apple Mail to PST conversion in the mac itself

This software is different from the average Apple Mail to PST converter with its ability to convert data in the mac itself. There is no need to archive the mail files into the MBOX format either. Needless to say, it makes the process much more simple and even less time-consuming.

It can also convert Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML to PST file formats.

Highly capable of saving time

Apart from converting data directly in the mac without transferring them to windows, another way this software saves time is by bulk mail conversion. It means that you can convert several files in a single batch. One no longer has to suffer long periods of mail conversion, neither do they have to suffer the frustration of converting files one by one.

Keeps metadata and Unicode secure

Metadata might be small in size, but they are invariably important to the content of mail files. Therefore, this software ensures that they remain intact during the mail conversion.

This software is safe for all types of contents and languages possible in mail, that includes Unicode as well. So, it proves to be secure for languages that use double-byte characters, mails with content in languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese are quite safe with this software.

Keeps hierarchy in its proper order

Using this software does not require any special effort from the users prior to, during or after the conversion, in fact, this software even arranges the files in a proper hierarchical order. The folders and subfolders are arranged hierarchically to keep the files easy to locate.

Free of bugs and demo version available

This software will never crash or slow down, it is free of the fault of bugs. If you want to try out mail conversion with it, you can do it for free by getting the demo version from below.

Get it here: