The Right Way to Export Data from Mac Mail to Outlook PST!

Mac Mail to Outlook PST is certainly easy and quick, if you have the right tool. And this is where you will get that perfect tool to make it happen for you quickly and effortlessly.

Export Data from Mac Mail to Outlook PST

Moving email information (like emails, headers, attachments, graphical data, etc.) from one email client to the other is often daunting. Especially when the clients involved work on two different platforms. But it does not have to be that way.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook PST

One such process is from Mac Mail to Outlook PST. It involves migrating contents from a Mac based client now simply called “Mail” and Windows based called ‘Outlook,’ and PST is the file that Outlook uses. This data conversion requires a proper tool that can take all the complex information in your database in account, so the outcome is not full of integrity issues.

Mail Extractor Pro strictly meets the criteria of that one converter that will get you the job done effortlessly.

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Brought to you by USL Software, it comes in several versions:
  • A trial Version (Available to download here) for Free
  • Standard
  • Small Business
  • Enterprise

And here is the top reason it is recommended by most: Autoload feature.

Auto Load Mac Mail Data

Autoload” is the feature solely provided by Mail Extractor Pro that eliminates the older and lesser efficient methods. Most conventional tools require files like MBOX or EMLX to be loaded by users manually. Then those files are converted to PST by the converter. Here, you just need to click on ‘Autoload’ function and the native database of Mac Mail (profile or identity) gets picked up automatically.

mac mail to outlook pst

It still features to convert MBOX to PST but it is only advised when you have the MBOX files and not the main Mac Mail database.

This approach changes a lot of things from the traditional and lesser efficient techniques. Here are the two most important ones:

  • It obviously makes the process easier and quicker
  • It increases the data accuracy multiple times.

Integration with Advanced and Dedicated Algorithms

The way a converter processes and extracts the data is very important in email migration tasks. That is what determines the quality of the output PST files and the fact that no items are missing. Sadly, many converters are not adequate in that department.

‘Mail Extractor Pro,’ along with its autoload feature, is integrated with advanced firmware of algorithms that take care of this problem effectively. It has logic-based algorithms that are dedicated for each complex part in your Mac Mail. Like: Unicode characters, images and other graphical contents, attachments (and cloud-based files), and more.

With ‘Mail Extractor Pro” you can be relaxed knowing every bit of the data is processed with precision.

export mac mail to outlook

Try it today – Free Demo Edition Available to Download

Wouldn’t it be great that you can watch it all in action yourself? Now with the free demo edition of ‘Mail Extractor Pro,’ it is possible.

Just head on to the official download page by clicking the link given below. Get the installer-file (setup), double-click it to begin installation, follow the instructions, and you will be all set in less than two minutes.

export mac mail to outlook pst

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If you are looking for Apple Mail to PST conversion tool, then ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ will be the perfect and right choice for you.