Import Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 with Mail Extractor Max

import mac mail to outlook 2011

Hassle Free import Mac Mail to Outlook 2011, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, OLM, EML file format with Mail Extractor Max

There is a way to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 without a single ounce of stress over email loss or the corruption of elements inside emails. There is also a way to do it substantially faster, more safely, and much more efficiently. “Mail Extractor Max” is how to do it that way.

It is basically a software that transforms a data file of Mac Mail (MBOX files) to data files compatible with Outlook 2011 (OLM). More specifically, it is an app to create a compellingly import mac mail to outlook 2011similar and accurate copy of Mac mails, but in the form of OLM files. These OLM files can, then, later be exported to Outlook 2011 database to access the same emails as were in Mac Mail (or any other item, such as, contacts or notes).

The app really transcends the previous performance of file converters based solely on its interactivity with GUI (overly simple but efficient), the rate of data transformation (mere 1 hour for oversized 10 GB MBOX file), extensive functionalities (specific features given below), and a premium 24×7 support. Let’s examine the app more closely.

“Mail Extractor Max” presents the most accurate conversion of Mac Mail files, but it also carries some seemingly tiny, but priceless features worthy of immense praise when it is required. For instance,

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  • It offers preview of folders before conversion. You can choose or deselect the folders.
  • Ignores empty folders automatically, which saves a vast amount of time and frustration if you are dealing with mammoth sized database
  • Choose the location to save Outlook 2011 (OLM files) manually


With these certain traits, “Mail Extractor Max” makes up for a very flexible and streamlines experience while importing Mac Mail to Outlook 2011.

However, the biggest three features and most significant of all are simplicity and easy functioning of the GUI, accuracy of the data preservation while converting, and the automatic loading of MBOX files. Let’s review them.

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  • Load Mac Mail Data file automatically


With the availability of manually specifying the MBOX files, you can also choose to instruct the tool to automatically load the “Mail” folder where Apple mail stores the contents. This saves you the trouble of finding the location of MBOX files or even trying to keep the archived MBOX files somewhere in the disk. Moreover, the automatic loading of the data is recommended for more quality conversions, as it interacts with your contents directly, thus, narrowing the window for any data inconsistencies.

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  • Accuracy of the data preservation while converting


This refers to the frequent loss of certain parts of data while using an ordinary app. You can hardly expect to preserve your attachments fully, your structure of the folders, any non-English or double byte characters, embedded graphics, and other details and info. “Mail Extractor Max” assures of higher accuracy of the data preservation. It can replicate the same data from Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 files with almost 99% similarity. Even the read/unread status of emails is protected.

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  • Simplicity, and easy functioning of the GUI


The graphical built of the tool is in such a way that every wizard screen offers clear and intuitive sense to complete lament. You are guided at each step through the instructions and the whole process becomes effortless and spontaneous, even if you are trying email migration for first time. There are no complicated set-ups, confusing guiding instructions, or complex functionalities.

The free trial version is available to download

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Trial Version, You can import 10 items from each folder, Import Mac Mail folder to Outlook 2011. Try it today!

Mail Extractor Max helps you to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2011, Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, Postbox, OLM, RGE and EML file format.

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