How to convert Microsoft OST to PST with the integrity of the data intact!

Here is how to convert Microsoft OST to PST with the integrity of the data intact with ‘OST Extractor Pro’. Try it today to hassle free conversion.

Microsoft OST and PST

How to convert Microsoft OST to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook.

Whenever you move your data from one format to another, there is a lot going on behind the scene. Same is the case with converting OST files to PST. When you carry out the conversion process it is a lot more than just some simple change in the extension of file or copy pasting.

The entire email database goes through a very delicate phase where everything stored is in a very vulnerable state. You need to be ready to deal with everything and still protect your data from any harm. This is what makes the conversion process trickier than it is.

Convert Microsoft OST to PST

Microsoft OST and PST are two entirely different file formats. The need to interconvert the data between them arises due to the incompatibility of OST files to perform the process of data transfer. OST files work on the inside and helps your application to manage and manipulate your data easily.

It is the format responsible for data manipulation and management. It also allows you to work on this data in an offline state and then sync up all the data once the connection is established back again.

PST does an entirely different task. The file format facilitates movement of data. The format is used to transfer data from one account to another. It is compatible and easy to access. Thus, ideal for data transfer.

The problem is that when you try to back up the data present in your Outlook account, it gets stored in OST format. Therefore, to access all the data stored in that file you need to convert Microsoft OST to PST.

OST Extractor Pro: The answer to how to convert Microsoft OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro is the answer to your question of how to convert Microsoft OST to PST. The converter tool has the best features in the business. It packs something for every aspect for your conversion process. The tool is an all-round solution. 

How to convert microsoft ost to pst

The features the tool provides include:

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy:

The tool converts everything present in the input email database file. The conversion accuracy of the tool is unmatchable, and you get everything retained in the output file produced. The tool doesn’t leave anything behind during the conversion process and ensure every single detail down to the last bit gets converted easily.

convert microsoft ost to pst

Retains the folder hierarchy:

The tool retains the folder hierarchy from your input email database files. This feature solves the problems that you face post the conversion process. The output file produced have an exactly similar structure to that of the input files and gives you a familiar environment to work with post your OST to PST conversion.

microsoft OST to PST


The interface of the tool makes sure that you don’t face any problem during the conversion process. The interface allows you to carry out the conversion process without any prior knowledge and experience. Thus, making it a comfortable experience.

What makes everything better? A free demo

The free demo of this Microsoft OST to PST solution is now available for download.

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