Export Thunderbird To PST Affordably With This Converter

Looking for a tool to export Thunderbird to PST for Microsoft Outlook? Then try this amazing tool today,

Exporting Thunderbird to PST

To export Thunderbird to PST of Outlook might seem a daunting task. But it is not. The task has been presented as daunting by the marketing professionals of tools which claim to execute this task. They do so to make their tool appear as the sole savior of the process.

However, this is not the case. As you will see in the forthcoming paragraphs, the task of Thunderbird to PST conversion is not only easy but it is also very affordable.

Export Thunderbird to PST for Outlook


An experienced tool will give you all the help you need to export Thunderbird to PST. A professional tool will make the conversion process very smooth and easy for customers. It will be so easy to use that customers will be able to export Thunderbird without any prior knowledge of the tool or the process.

Only a professional tool will give you the complete conversion process. The tool will also be able to maintain high level of accuracy of conversion. The tool will also give you the option to export Thunderbird files to PST as possible.

Tool to Export Thunderbird to PST

However, most of these tools are very expensive to use. These tools are so rare that they are very hard for everyone to use. However we have found a tool which will not only give you a complete and safe conversion of Thunderbird files to PST format but will also be easy on your pocket. This tool is named as Mail Extractor Pro by USL software.

export thunderbird to pst

This tool has many amazing features which anyone can get for a meager price of US$ 49. This license is valid for lifetime and comes with free upgrades. With this license, customers also get professional technical support of the well-respected company.

The best part of this tool is that it can be used for free. To give potential customers a medium to put all their doubts to rest, company has introduced a free trial version of this tool. This amazing demo version of the tool will help you to easily import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook PST format without any loss of money. Customers can make a much informed decision about investing in this amazing Thunderbird to PST converter tool.

Thunderbird Export to PST

How to export Thunderbird to PST

  1. Launch it.
  2. Click on Load next to Thunderbird
  3. Then click on “Auto Load”. If you have backup of Thunderbird ‘Profile’ folder, then click on “Open” to browse.
  4. Optional settings
    • Ignore Empty Folders – Check it, if you want to exclude empty folders from conversion.
    • Check/Uncheck Folders – Check/Uncheck folders from preview, if want to include or exclude from conversion. By default all folders are selected.
    • Set PST file Size – You can set the output PST file size, if you want to split. Recommended Size is 15 GB.
  5. Click on convert.

To give you a little nudge in this right direction, given below are the advantages associated with this tool:-

Brilliant Interface

The interface of a tool has a greater role to play in the tool’s overall experience. A tool will make the conversion process smooth and easy for its customers. It will also make the conversion process enjoyable. With its easiness and friendliness, the task will be over in no time at all.

Full Conversion

The tool leaves no stone unturned in importing complete Thunderbird database to PST. This is achieved with the help of its latest technology and amazing coding.

Preserve of Folder Arrangement

The tool can also preserve the folder arrangement which helps a lot in accessing the files.

Thunderbird to PST Export

Download this tool right now to convert data from Thunderbird to PST or to import MBOX to Outlook.