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Converting OLM to PST

Converting OLM to PST – OLM Extractor Max

You are an individual, with some knowledge about computers, and you are looking to switch your email client from Outlook 2011 for Mac to Windows Outlook. The differences in the two operating systems – Mac and Windows – have paralyzed you with fear already.

You do not want to come off as inefficient person in your office, or you simply are the type of person that craves efficiency and productive, for all scopes of work, not alone OLM to PST export. So, you fear-

  • Losing your files permanently
  • Spending way lot more of time than you are supposed to
  • Not finding your converted PST files accurate and similar to the OLM files
  • Unnecessarily finding yourself being confused by overly exaggerated claims and explanation of ordinary migration tools companies
  • Unnecessary studying and researching the complex manual conversion steps

All these points do not exactly form the happy-land for busy and productive people. You may have heard about expensive software few people or only big companies can afford.

So, how can you convert OLM to PST with the same results as an expert would achieve, or a high-priced software would achieve?

OLM Extractor Max is the only tool that comes at an unbelievable price range that could help you achieve what seems like a daunting task.

OLM Extractor Max gives the one of most accurate conversion of OLM to PST. It can preserve all the following information/data elements from Outlook 2011 and successfully implant it in PST files to import into Window Outlook-

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Read/unread status of your emails
  • Elements such as To, Bcc, Cc, Subject of the mails, time and date stamp, etc.
  • Images or other objects embedded with email body
  • Non-English text (Unicode content)
  • Attachments


Another quality that puts it among the best of the tool is the speed of conversions. You could literally be finished with the job in mere minutes. Even thousands of emails and other items can be converted fairly quickly by OLM Extractor Max.


The most attractive trait is how simple is its interface is. You would get the similar results as any expert would, but without doing any complicated hard work. The conversion wizard is designed for beginners and is utterly easy to follow and straightforward.Converting OLM to PST

So, are you ready to impress your colleagues, or even yourself?

Let go of the notion that achieving accurate, safe, and fast results when converting OLM to PST is only under the skill set of computer specialists. With “OLM Extractor Max”, any person with the basic knowledge of using a mouse and a computer screen has the same power as the person with computer PhD would have when it comes to OLM to PST export.

Are you ready to experience such level of ease and expertise in one single tool?

Download For Converting OLM to PST

Or, you can download the free trial version as well. The trial version can convert 10 files from OLM to PST for each folder. That would give you more than enough to evaluate the tool fully.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to start converting OLM TO PST like an expert (without becoming one) and achieve the professional results!

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