OLM Extractor Max” is the complete solution for Mac outlook to Windows outlook migration needs. It is fully capable of performing exhaustive and complete conversion of your contacts, tasks, emails, and other items from OLM to PST.

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What is OLM and PST?

OLM is an archived file format by Outlook 2011 / 2016, where it stores all the data including emails, contacts, tasks and other items. Outlook does not interact directly with OLM files. It is just for conversion, and mainly, for backup reasons.

To use “OLM Extractor Max”, you need to export the data first to OLM file using Outlook 2011/2016 export process. Once you have OLM file saved in your hard drive, you are good to go.

PST is an acronym for personal storage table, which is a file format that Windows Outlook use. To successfully migrated from your mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, you need to convert OLM to PST, and that’s what “OLM Extractor Max” is here for.

Overview of “OLM Extractor Max”

  • Easy and quick installation: “OLM Extractor Max” requires no skills or deep technical knowledge of how email migration works. The installation is quite simple, intuitive, and straightforward.

  • Simplicity: Everything slows smoothly in “OLM Extractor Max”, from installation to configuration to using it. The interface is designed specifically for laymen users who have no technical knowledge of using email migration tools. It is almost ironic to notice that deep down the technology we have developed and employed is as complicated as its simplicity on the surface.
  • Quick conversions: Wasting time is both non-productive and frustrating. And yet, most of the email migration tools even in this period are hopelessly slow when it comes to converting OLM to PST.Thankfully, “OLM Extractor Max” works wonderfully well in terms of saving the users time. Everything is super-fast, with no performance issues, no hangs, and no unexpected crashes in between the conversion.
  •  Safety: We made sure that in spite of all the high-functionality, the safety of your files is never overlooked or worse, ignored. Because this is what happens with many of the big names when it comes to email migration tools.

On the surface, these tools are capable of performing quick and powerful conversions, but practical results show something else. The data loss and data corruption is inevitable with ordinary tools, something that a user despise and yet fail to take precautions earlier in the process.

Thankfully, OLM Extractor Max is complete safe, and your files are fully protected with its sophisticated technology at the core.

Never has OLM to PST conversion been more safe and stress-free.

Convert OLM to PST with the most incredible Features:

  • Preserves Data Integrity: Losing the information along the way is common, and is called Data Integrity issues by experts. Most users report the loss of data, such as, contact photos, embedded images, and such.

  • OLM Extractor Max” is capable of giving 100% accurate results, with zero data integrity failure cases.
  • Preserves Non-English Content: It preserves the Unicode content as well. Therefore, if your job involves working with languages other than English, you have nothing to worry.
  • Multiple OLM files at once: Worried if you have got a huge number of OLM files? Thinking you might have to do them one by one, each file individually? Repeat the process countless number of times, so it feels like eternity?
  • No. “OLM Extractor Max” works with the latest technology that can perform bulk conversion of OLM files surprisingly well. Choose the location of your OLM files under Mac database, and it will take care of the rest.

Added Value

  • 24*7 support: Our support is not only quick and helpful, but is comprised of experts and professionals in the field. Be ready to be dazzled by their expertise when it comes to solving your complicated issues or any queries.

  • Free lifetime updates: Never pay a dime to keep the software up to date.

Affordable packages: full value to your money

It comes in three economical packages, each suited for specific needs and budget.

Pick the one that suits you the best.

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And never worry about your OLM to PST migration again.

OLM Extractor Max is ultimate OLM to PST Converter tool for migrate emails, contacts, calendars etc from Outlook:mac 2011 / 2016 (OLM data file) to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365 (PST data file) for Windows.