Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook (OLM to PST)

mac outlook to windows outlook

This OLM to PST converter tool makes it easy to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook (OLM to PST) like a pro.

Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

The OLM Extractor Max is a renowned tool in the email conversion sector and is particularly famous for its simplistic working and its ability to let normal mac users convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook without any trouble.

The OLM Extractor Max is a professional OLM to PST converter created by USL software, especially in order to let common mac users convert their email mailboxes from mac outlook to windows outlook without having to risk their data.

What is the thing that most users struggle with while trying to convert their emails?

Most of the users struggle with their OLM to PST converters since they are too complicated. The problem with the email migration process is that it’s too complicated most of the times and previously it was done manually which was a task for only professional users.

Convert Mac Outlook to Windows OutlookBut with time, as technology evolved, new methods of email conversion were devised in order to simplify the process. In this phase, the OLM to PST converter was developed in order to give the final solution to all those users who are not well acquainted with the email conversion process and need faster and more straightforward methods to do it.

The OLM Extractor Max can be installed in less than a minute. The process to install the tool is very simple and can be done in a few easy steps, without needing any higher knowledge of computers. It is so easy to install that even a child can do it without any trouble.

The OLM Extractor Max is easier to use once it is installed. You can start making Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook conversions immediately after it is done.

This OLM to PST converter tool is also blessed with a highly interactive and simple user interface. It is clutter free and all the features are placed with genius thought.

A file preview for selective conversion

Most of the times users have to migrate their entire mailboxes but in some special cases, a user might just need to export some selected emails. But due to the lack of proper tools, selective conversion was not possible, until now. The OLM Extractor Max is blessed with an interface that lets you choose the files and folders that you want to preview, this makes it really easy for people who have to export a few emails on short notice.

The OLM Extractor Max was able to simplify the conversion process by dividing it into simple steps which have been reduced to just a few mouse clicks. A helpful wizard guides you throughout the conversion process and a support team also backs you up 24*7.

Other than that, this OLM to PST converter is highly affordable and can surely be utilized by all types of users regardless of their budget.

Try it to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

Click Here to download free trial copy.

The OLM Extractor Max is now also available in a free trial version for all the skeptical users who want to try the tool before spending any money. You are welcome to test the performance and results of the tool and once you are satisfied, you can go for the full version which will open limitless possibilities of email migration for you. Try it today to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

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