Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST – In 3 Easy Steps

Mail Extractor Pro is mac based tool to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST for Microsoft Outlook with 3 easy steps. Try it free today.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST with no issues, use: Mail Extractor Pro.

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

Email Conversion is itself a tough task and if you have start having issues with the conversion then the road becomes tougher. Ancient methodology used to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST always ended up making the process more complicated.

The solution to all this are third-party converter tools and more specifically USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

convert apple mail mbox to pst

Why Mail Extractor Pro?

The first thing that pops up in your mind whilst reading this article must be why Mail Extractor Pro? Out of hundreds of choices in the market, Mail Extractor Pro is the most complete tool used to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST.

This converter tool is the whole package that offers you everything needed for a perfect conversion under one single package. Be it Accuracy, Speed, Precision or ease, the tool offers you the best of everything, making the conversion process a cakewalk.

Don’t just believe what you read. Try out the tool for free and experience it all yourself. Yes, it gives you a free trial run at all its features. So, try before you buy.

Start with ease

Ease is the essence of technology. The technological advancements have all worked together towards making life easier. And so is the case with Mail Extractor Pro.

This technological masterpiece solves the long overdue problem of converter tools being hard to operate. The tool offers you one of the simplest and intelligent interface that helps you to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST without any hassle.

The interface guides you through the entire conversion process and even provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes to help you out. This makes the conversion process easier and the whole experience a pleasant one.

With this precision and accuracy, convert it all

Precision and Accuracy are the two most important features that help you in achieving the next level while Converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST. Mail Extractor Pro offers you the best in class accuracy that help you convert everything present in your input file.

The accuracy of the tool is such that no piece of data is left behind or unconverted. It has the unique features that helps you to automates the process of loading Apple Mail Mailbox for conversion. Automating the process of loading up the email database file to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST, leaves no room for error for data getting left behind.

Once loaded up, the tool converts all the data present in the input file down to the last bit without fail. The tool’s precision then insures that all the data is stored into a replica of the input file’s file hierarchy which is retained by it during the conversion process.

Thus, the output file that is produced is same as the input file just with a different format.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST

How to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST (3 Steps)

  1. Load
    • Click on “Apple Mail: Load”
      • Auto Load: Automatically Load Apple Mail Database
      • Open: Browse and locate Apple Mail files – Apple Mail Export Mailbox (MBOX or EMLX) and ‘Mail’ folder copied.
    • If you have any *.mbox files then click on “MBOX Files: Load” to browse and locate them.
  2. Settings
    • Ignore Empty Folders: To elcude empty folders from the conversion.
    • Check / Uncheck Folders: Gives you extra option to choose what you what you want convert from preview panel.
    • Assign Output PST File Size: You can split your PST file with it.
  3. Convert

Download the trial today and convert MBOX to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter

Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with the Apple Mail to PST conversion process for free.