Conveniently Convert OST to PST – Free Trial Version of “OST Extractor Pro” Available!

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OST to PST Converter Software

Looking to convert OST to PST? Try “OST Extractor Pro.” It also has a free trial version that you can download here. Check out the features and the interface before activating to full version.

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Here are the top features of ‘OST Extractor Pro.’

Batch OST to PST Conversion support:

Do you have more one than OST file to convert OST to PST? Don’t worry. “OST Extractor Pro” can handle batch conversion with efficiency and without compromising any other factors. Most conventional converters usually OST to PST free tools, do not let you convert more than one file at a time, and if they do, it will be a mess. Thankfully, OST Extractor Pro works with advanced data processing logic that can deliver smooth conversion even with multiple files.

Support large file for OST to PST conversion:

Closely relating to the feature above, ‘OST Extractor pro” also supports large OST files up to any practical size that OST file can get to. And again, converting large OST to PST doesn’t affect the performance of the tool or the accuracy of the output in anyway.

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Preserves Folder hierarchy while Converting OST to PST:

One of the biggest setbacks among many when converting OST to PST free is the lack of proper algorithms to keep the folder hierarchy same in output PST files. You are likely to find folders misplaced and their structure damaged. This can make managing emails hard, particularly if you have many of them. “OST Extractor Pro” has dedicated logic to read your contents from OST files correctly so as to keep details like folder structure unchanged during migration.

Converts Non-English Languages:

Email communication isn’t confined by region or country, therefore, a heavy email user in today’s world is most likely to receive/send emails in multiple languages. In corporate environment, non-English emails or emails containing some non-English text is always present in the database. You can be assured that OST Extractor Pro’s support for characters in any language will get you neat and clean email conversion between OST to PST. There will be no loss of text regardless of which font/language they use. This can be particularly complex for characters that use double-byte instead of single-byte, such as Chinese. But the tool’s advanced algorithms take care of every single one of them.

Preserves all Items from OST to PST:

Emails contain a lot of other components than just non-English and folders. They often included attachments, images (inside email bodies), other embedded objects such as excel sheets, Metadata, headers, and so on. An ordinary OST to PST free tool can compromise the integrity by partially converting these components. Not “OST Extractor Pro,” due to its dedicated logic for each type of item and information. It always produces 100% precise conversion results, making sure the tiniest component has been converted accurately.

ost to pst converter

OST to PST Converter Free Trial

Get here:

Give it a go! You don’t have to buy right away if you don’t feel comfortable or want to know more. Just download the setup below and start using “OST Extractor Pro” as a trial that converts ten items per folder for you to check out the interface and the features.

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Download the OST to PST converter free trial version and convert ost to pst.

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