Best OST to PST Conversion for Beginners And Experts

ost to pst conversion

OST to PST conversion has always been a thorn in the sight of professional as well as casual email users.  The complex process of converting OST files into PST is stuff of your nightmares. Even professionals need “professional” help when it comes to converting these files.

The Best OST to PST Conversion Tool

To make the task a whole lot easier there are many converters present in the market. But then again a new problem arises, which one to go for? Well this article will guide you to the best tool there is: OST EXTRACTOR PRO.

ost to pst conversion

OST Extractor Pro is a product from the leaders in the email solutions domain, USL Software. USL Software is famous for producing unconventional but very effective solutions regarding email problems.

In OST Extractor Pro they tried to cover every base regarding OST to PST conversion and have succeeded in doing so. OST Extractor Pro provides you with answers to all the questions regarding OST to PST conversion.  Let’s take a look why OST Extractor Pro is better than everybody else.

best ost to pst conversion

Fast & Advance Algorithms

First and Foremost the main use of the tool, conversion. The tool runs on the latest high end technologies and one of a kind algorithm providing you with the best conversion rate and speed out there.

The algorithm on which the tool is running on is so powerful that it doesn’t matter to the tool that what kind of OST file you are trying to convert. It is of common knowledge that OST files are very prone to get corrupted very fast and very easily. This may hinder the output produced by many tools.

But not with OST Extractor Pro, the tool is capable of successfully converting damaged or corrupt OST files into PST. This solves a lot of problems regarding files getting corrupted or damaged.

Easy to use, No Complex at all

Secondly, the interface provided by the tool, it is one the most outstanding feature of the tool. The interface provided makes the usage of the tool very easy.  The interface is designed in such a manner that it hides all the complex functionalities of tool and provides the user with just a simple point and click interface.

This makes a very good impression upon the user and helps in familiarizing with the tool.

ost to pst conversion software

Works on Mac & Windows

Third, it’s a multi platform tool. OST Extractor Pro is available for world’s leading operating systems be it Windows or Mac. This saves the extra time you spend in learning two different tools separately for MAC and Windows that provides same functionality to you.

Accuracy of OST Conversion

Fourth, Maintaining data integrity. OST Extractor Pro not only converts every byte of data present in your Input file but also maintains the integrity of that data. The feature of data integrity helps in maintaining the file structure of the input file. This means that the file structure of your Output file will be as same as the input file.

Get the best OST to PST Conversion Software

OST Extractor Pro is available for free trial download. So, download your trial today and get started.

Get it here:

If you are looking for best ost to pst conversion software, then get ‘OST Extractor Pro’ (Works on  Mac or Windows) today.

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