Everything You Need to Know About Apple Mail to EML Conversion in 6 Simple Bullet Points!

Apple Mail to EML Conversion

Everything you need to Apple Mail to EML data conversion in quick bullet form. You will end up with the most basic but essential information. And you will understand how to convert data like an expert!

Apple Mail to EML Conversion

Looking to convert data from Apple Mail to EML files but don’t know how and don’t have time to get into the technical details of the process? This post is for you. The truth is if you want to migrate your data correctly, you really don’t need to get a quick course in the technical depth of how data files interact with each other and what it means to extract complex information across different formats, or any of that.

Here’s a quick 6 bullet points list that will give you the basic and essential information you need to know. This will help you convert data like an expert without dipping your toes into the painful technical aspects of the process.

All About Apple Mail to EML Conversion

  1. About Apple Mail and EML Files:

    Apple Mail is an email client installed by default on Mac computers, which stores data in EMLX files inside the profile database folder. EMLX is not the same as EML; EML is a generic file format used by many programs to store email messages including Windows Outlook Express.

  2. What is the need of conversion:

    The reason this conversion process is undertaken is because getting data from Apple Mail moved to other email clients is not possible due to the incompatibility of EMLX files with any other program. So, you either convert EMLX files to the files that are compatible with the client you want to migrate the data. EML is chosen by many people because of its generic nature and the fact that you can import it almost everywhere.

  3. Is there any manual methods for it?

    There’s no manual conversion method. At least not the one that anyone should carry out, even if you know how to. Without going into details, it’s enough to just point out that these methods (manual) can be time-consuming and yet not move all of your data and details from Apple Mail to EML files.

  4. Converting Apple Mail Data

    This is why the best way to get this done is through a professionally built file converter. Although, even most paid tools for converting EMLX to EML aren’t accurate enough to not output any integrity error. (Integrity error is losing details and structure in output files, or where the input doesn’t match the output exactly).

  5. Tool to convert Apple Mail to EML

    This brings us to other methods to move Apple Mail data to EML. The best and the most recommended way is to use “Mail Extractor Max”. This is one of a kind in its category because it doesn’t need EMLX files. You simply select the Auto-load option to instruct the tool to get the data loaded straight from the profile database folder (see point 1). This also saves you time and improves precision notably.

  6. Try it for Apple Mail to EML Conversion.

    The tool is built by USL Software and is backed up their extremely reputed tech support available 24 x 7. You can get the trial version here and check it out fully. Install, launch, click on ‘Auto-load,’ check folders you want to convert, and click ‘Convert,’ and you would have carried out a process that is usually considered painfully complex through any other techniques.

Apple Mail to EML

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