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[Compatible with Mac OS X 10.13 to 10.8]

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[Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.7]

System Requirement:

  • Mac OS 10.7 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions are required for installation

OLM to PST Converter Free Demo & Support

olm to pst converter freeThere are millions of computer users throughout the world but most of the users are divided between the top two operating systems in the world. Windows and Mac are the most well-known and widely used operating systems used by most of the computer users. Email management being a crucial part of usage, Microsoft introduced Outlook for both these operating systems so that both the Windows and Mac users can benefit from it and enjoy smooth email management.

There was one major difference between these two versions of the same Outlook application. The Outlook 2011/2016 version for Mac stores its email data in the OLM format while the Outlook version for Windows stores the email data in its native PST format. Users have shown inclination towards the Outlook for Windows version because of the PST files which save more data and are easily movable without the risk of corruption.

When the users are stuck with Mac and Outlook 2011/2016, they find it reasonable to move from Mac to Windows. With this comes the need of email conversion from Outlook mac 2011/2016 to Outlook windows. For this purpose, the users need an easy method of OLM to PST conversion. This article is about finding the best OLM to PST converter so that you can easily migrate from Mac to Windows.

Mac to Windows conversion is not done without reasons and we have many situations where we need to open our emails in another system. Due to the wider accessibility of the Windows platform, it is very likely that you will have to transfer your emails in Windows Outlook some or the other time. This can be complicated if you are a Mac user. Outlook 2011/2016 uses OLM files which are incompatible with any Windows based email client. Therefore we need to convert OLM to PST.

OLM to PST conversion can be a long, boring and risky process if done manually. The manual method is repetitive and even a slight loss in focus might mean the loss of data and corruption. This means that we need to convert OLM to PST with a professional tool which is particularly designed for converting OLM files to PST.

A third party email conversion tool means buying a program which is capable enough to tackle all the email conversion problems which might occur during the manual method. OLM Extractor Max is the best in its class email migration program. It is a powerful tool specially designed to make OLM to PST conversions easier and faster than ever. It comes from a reliable background of USL Software and is the most popular tool in the current market.

This professional and flawless tool takes care of your OLM emails and converts them to PST at a remarkable speed. This tool offers 100% data safety which is enough to keep a client interested if he considers that the data is important. Some of the other attractive features include flawless and interactive user interface, guarantee for hierarchy preservation, no data corruption and bulk email conversion.

It is very important for the user to test the program before spending hard earned money on it. This is the reason why good programs offer free trial version of the software, so that the performance can be checked prior to the purchase. You can download the free trial version of OLM Extractor Max. This is the best part of buying software, you can use all the features beforehand and you still have the power to accept or reject the tool as per satisfaction.

The free trial version of OLM Extractor Max is available for free download. After you have tested it, if you feel that the performance is smooth and brilliant, you can go for the full version. The full version is available in different packages designed according the usage and budget of the user. USL Software has worked hard on delivering the best OLM to PST conversions to their customers and keep to their end of the deal by providing free support in every possible way. You get free technical assistance and support from talented advisors who are always ready to help you if you ever have any problems related to OLM to PST conversion. Download the free demo version so that you can experience the freedom which comes with the full version of this brilliant and innovative tool.

In this page, you can download the OLM to PST Converter Free Trial.

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